Sandra Spence - Executive Director

Sandra Spence

Hi, my name is Sandra Spence and I’m an Executive Director.

Before starting my own home based business I was not working, I had been out of the workforce for a few years due to an injury, I had never owned my own business, and had very limited computer knowledge or skills. I DID know a little bit about Facebook lol

For me I had a dream when I started in this business, I was looking for a way to lighten the load for my hubby, for him to retire:

  1. I wanted to create an income stream that would transition my hubby into retirement.

  2. I didn’t want to go back to 9 to 5 work.

  3. I wanted flexibility to work my own hours around my shift working husband.

  4. I also wanted to be available for my daughters and my grandchildren.

  5. I wanted something that was portable, by this I mean something that I could do from wherever we happened to be. After my hubby retires we want to be able to travel, to house sit around Australia, so I didn’t want to be stuck in an office or workplace.

  6. I wanted to do something that was bigger than me, that gave something back, something with purpose.

  7. I have found the answer to all of these in this opportunity!

I am a very different person to who I was 4 years ago.

I’m now an Executive Director of Mannatech,

I have an international business with a wonderful team

 our retirement is looking very exciting financially

My hubby is about to retire!!!

 ... and travel is an open book.

I now have flexibility, I work when I want to, I don’t have to answer to a boss.

Our phone App has made my business totally mobile and so easy to use anywhere, anytime!!

I’m healthier, slimmer, and happier J

My health has totally transformed due to these fantastic products. ...... Before using our products I suffered from insomnia for over 12 years and had tried everything, drugs, naturopaths, I had wrestless legs most nights and mornings, I lacked energy, and I battled with weight, I had neck and back pain and was a regular with my local chiro. Now I sleep, have heaps of energy, my legs are no longer a bother, I have released 12 kilos of fat without rebound, and I don’t have the aches and pains that were normal for me.

Has it all been an easy ride?

No way ... sometimes my WHY has sat to the side while life has hit from all sides.

In the past three years I have faced some of the most devastating live events I’ve ever had to face.

..... I have been broken but not taken out .... and in the past I would have been so sick with the amount of stress involved.

But you know what? The products have truly brought me through. Time and time again, what would have wiped me out hasn’t ... and the difference has been these amazing products!!

I’m not sharing this to gain sympathy, I am sharing it to say that if your WHY is strong enough, no matter how many ‘side roads’ you need to take or road blocks you encounter ... you WILL reach your destination if you don’t give up or give in.

Sandra Spence

At the same time, over the past 4years I have earned 5 x 5 Star overseas Holidays,   and6 x 5 star in Australia (Adelaide, Gold Coast & Sydney x 3 times)  I’ve been to China, Club Med Guilin,  Tahiti, Dallas Texas, New York with my husband, and then back to the USA a year later to Las Vegas!!

If you had told me I would be travelling 5 Star around the World 4 years ago I would have thought it impossible!! If you had said that my hubby would be retiring , again I would have said no way.

I have a huge dream now, my future looks so much different to what I had ever dreamed ..... I now have a vision, great purpose in what I do, I know that our retirement will be amazing .... with a fantastic residual income. We will be travelling, maybe even visiting projects all over the World to see the children we are supporting through what I am doing as a Social Entrepreneur.

The decision I made 4 years ago has turned my world upside down, oh yes, it’s been a big learning curve, but I’m now dreaming big dreams .... and excited to tell others that there is a better way.

I wanted to leave you with some things that I have found so helpful for my growth and success.