“Not to Decide is to decide”

Interesting isn’t it, Truth of the matter is that not deciding is a decision, Life keeps moving forward regardless, If you don’t make a decision one will naturally be made for you, This is the very thing that keeps us stuck, Yes stuck in that shitty job, In that bad relationship or the negative thought patterns that have held us back for so long that they are just an automatic thoughtless response and over time become our personality trait.

Fear of making the wrong decision is keeping most of us stuck in these places and not allowing us to live out our full potential or greatest joy. So how do we make the right decision and break out of the old habits and the uncertainty.

Tune into your “gut” feelings. or as some call it “Intuition”

Research from the university in Leeds, England, say that intuition is a very real psychological process where the brain uses past experiences of self and cues from your environment to make a decision, this happens so quickly that it doesn’t even register on a conscious level It’s the way the subconscious mind communicates with the conscious mind and you get a real “GUT” feeling. Question is should we act on our GUT feelings? or is there an alternative. perhaps some higher guidance.

So what is higher guidance.

Higher guidance is the connection to your inner self, I like to understand it as my inner small voice. Some say its our soul to universal wisdom, call it what you will, it’s your higher self, the authentic higher spiritual part of you, the only way to hear this inner voice is in stillness and silence. you will know when the inner voice is speaking, there is a warmth and calmness about it an internal peace. if that is not what you are feeling then it’s possibly your ego getting in the way, spend time to tune in and practice hearing your inner voice. you may not always get the answer right away but can be led to a solution through other ways, words, images or pictures in your mind will often give you the result you are looking for.thus feeling confident in the decision