Over the last few years What have we learned from the things that are happening around us daily. We are at the start of a digital revolution, even though the signs have shown for a few years now, Millions of jobs have or will be replaced, perhaps even disintegrated by automation, robots and software systems. The real issue here is that most education centres are still teaching our kids and grand kids out dated knowledge and skills. Skills that will soon be replaced with future technologies, I don't understand the short-sighted approach,

Thing is with technologies changing so quickly and so often also with new thinking on what is available, what’s the answer? That's said, we as humans have to realise the sad facts there is so much screen time now we are losing touch with each other, there is a good side starting to surface in sectors of the community With change in the way we market products and services to each other, gone are the days of high priced endorsements, We just don’t believe the super stars anymore, telling us how good their paid for product is and that if we’re going to be as successful as them we’d better purchase their endorsement,

With change always comes opportunity and opportunity is knocking so loud at present we expect the next big thing to be at such a grass roots level where people are now in service to each other like never before, with friends recommendations counting for a huge percentage of purchases, As a consequence to all this some of us have already seen the writing on the wall and started in these grass roots business activities and with great results, right now is still really fledgling give it a few more years the evidence will be really visible. You decide