Hank's Story

Hank & Jan Vander Zee

Hank & Jan Vander Zee

I always struggled to stay interested at school, and like many of my school friends, we didn’t excel academically either, or have the desire to, It was the end of 1970 and a whole summer still ahead. I was asked to leave that year at the end of grade 9 a fresh faced 15 year old  kid with no real talents or idea of what I wanted to do,  my school principle’s words ringing in my ears saying to me in no uncertain terms  “SON you will never amount to anything, empty your locker and just get out of here”.  

 I decide over that Summer, I’d like to be a Carpenter, I’d always loved being outside in the Sunshine and fresh air, It gave me a sense of freedom, trouble was no one would give me a chance, not that i deserved it having my school record of not applying myself. In the meantime my father heard of a job as a bricklayer’s apprentice, so I went for an interview, secured a job and  after starting as an apprentice life moved quickly over the next three years from emptiness to a career in construction,  

After finishing my apprenticeship in 1974, I went to the bank and borrowed enough to set myself up in business, buy the equipment needed and off into the exciting world of self-employment, being my own boss, in charge of my own life at the age of 19 

As a surfer, a bricklayer and my own boss, "I'd like to tell you I was a complete success", on the contrary when the surf was up the trowel was put down, and with inexperience in business I was sabotaging my future financially. Over the years, I got a bit better, smarter and firmer on what I wanted, I learned what was needed and required of myself to run a business.   

By the 2000's, I had grown the bricklaying business to 37 employees. The highlight was being invited to tender and build the masonry work at the Victorian Desalination project at Wonthaggi, A multi-billion-dollar Government site, our part being just over a 1M). 

To most people it looked like we had made it. They didn't see I was stressed out day after day, suffering with high blood pressure, frustrated and always angry. At the end of a particularly hard 80+ hour week, I left site early, I was tired run down and wondering if it was worth all the stress,  I’d also found out one of my business colleagues has been killed in a rail crossing accident, he was tired and worn-out not unlike how i felt.

One night, while I sat at my computer scrolling through Facebook, I spotted a small Ad "work from home, in your own hours, around your family". A good friend (one I really respect) liked the Ad, The words in the Ad resonated with me I’d given away so much family time for the business already, So I clicked on the Ad, filled in the contact form while watching a short video... It was 30 minutes later; my phone rang with a guy's voice saying "Hello!” I’m James, I can't recall what the conversation was about, but I do remember he sent me a link which showed me a referral marketing plan. It showed me how to develop a residual income with business. The thing with brickwork is you start from zero every day and with that many guys employed, we needed to lay approximately 70,000 bricks a week. Being a numbers man, the referral plan made perfect sense to me, I decided to join for one reason, I’d rather have 1% of a hundred peoples work than 100% of my own.

When the registration pack came, I opened it, took out the gummy bears and threw the rest of the box into the office closet, which sat there for a year. 

Until one day, Jan came into the office and asked what is this box? I then had to explain, we decided to give it 90 days and see what happens, 90 days later we were at the second income level, we made a couple of thousand dollars, and started a side hustle business now a few years later it has replaced our business income and life has changed dramatically,   If I can help hit the button below and connect