How It All Started for Me...

Hank Vander Zee   & his wife Jan

Hank Vander Zee & his wife Jan

Having had a somewhat checkered educational history, my last school day I was asked to leave, the Head master,  Mr. Hewett said to me in no uncertain terms  "SON you will never amount to anything, grab your stuff and go."

This is when life really started for me, it was the end of 1970, little did I know you have to work to make a living and even harder to make a life....

In 1974, finishing my apprenticeship, I went to the bank and borrowed enough to set myself up in business, buy the equipment needed and off into the business and the exciting world of self employment, being my own boss, in charge of my own life at the age of 18.

Fast forward to March 1979, I was married, raising 5 children. By the 20's, we had grown the bricklaying business to 37 employees. To most people it looked like we had made it. They didn't see  I was stressed out day after day, high blood pressure, and frustrated. At the end of a hard  80+ hour week, I left site early, tired run down and wondering if it was all worth it...

One night, while I sat at my computer and scrolled through my Facebook page and had one of those moments again, there was this little add that said "work from home , your own hours , around your family". I clicked on the add, filled in the contact form and watched a video... It was 30 minutes later, my phone rang with a guy's voice saying "Hello!"...

When the registration pack came I opened it, took out the Lolli gummy bears, and threw the rest in the office closet for a year. Until one day, my wife came into the office and asked "What is this?"..

90 days later we were at the second income level and loving it, since then we've managed to increase the income to the 4th level...

Who I help

hard working tradies

Hardworking Tradesmen

Like most of us in this life group, you have worked hard on site for most of your lives. You have worn out joints, mostly knees, wrists or back and lived in constant pain. 

Now at the conclusion of your work life, you realize that the super you've put away isn't going to be anywhere close enough to sustain much of a lifestyle.

I have been there and can totally relate to your stories. Let me help you with the transition into retirement and an exit strategy.

small business owner.png

Small business owners

Most business owners have spent a small fortune to get into business thinking they could make a good living and then realized that the business now owns them, long hours of trading, sometimes 7 days a week.

It's hard to sell a business that isn't really thriving, no holidays and no real exit plan, unless you just give the business and goodwill away.

I've seen so many  business people just walk away, it's all too hard. I would love to help!

working mom.png

Ordinary battlers        

Like most people from the working class where I grew up, everyone has a dream in their heart to want more out of life, to try and achieve an income level that their employer doesn't want to or have to give.

As an employer myself, wages are the minimum required amount nothing more.

How does an ordinary family develop and additional source of income without getting a second job? Single mums who want to start a home business they can work around the family or school events etc.?

We have many stay-at-home mums in the team, so we understand your problems and want to help.


How we help


Realistically speaking, if you look at the statistics, most people fall into one of these 4 categories:

  1. Employees

  2. Self-employed

  3. Business owners

  4. Investors

The first two categories is where 95% of the population is and only 10% of the wealth. The other two categories is where only 5% of the population is and it has 90% of the wealth. why is it like that? were taught at school to work hard get a good education and a nice JOB, Yes nice/ good job gets us yes minimum wages, maximum hours and 4 weeks annual leave, great future for the boss. The second two categories is where the lifestyle businesses are, Were we’d all like to be “right”!

We have a Categorised system we use, we register you into a mini franchise type of business, your own business. But you're not alone. We help you develop a workable strategy that suits your available time and also the level of commitment you can apply.

  • No stock,

  • No having to collect money

  • No distribution

  • And less than $50. to register.

  • Plus the cost of a product of your choice which is guaranteed for 90 days or you money back, no questions asked.


We teach you the strategies to get youstarted on your second income  journey, so simple that even a brickie can do this.

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