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Are you always struggling to make ends meet? why is there never enough money to ease the hardship, When things happen why do some people always seem to come up smelling like roses? Do you say to yourself “I work such long hours and weekends and i still struggle”, The older generation say, “how come the kids are following in the same footsteps ?” Struggle struggle struggle This is a place that can help answer some of these questions.

Nice holidays even with the children.

Nice holidays even with the children.

Nice holidays.

Annual Leave comes around and its holiday time, Time where you end up going to the family that has moved interstate or down the coast or stay at home, because there isn’t enough surplus cash to afford a get-away holiday. Perhaps going on that annual camping trip, you know the one where you drive for few hours ending up at a crowded location and hustle in between other campers where it’s hard to really relax and unwind. How about a holiday like this It’s billed as the most romantic island in the world, and it’s hard to find any reasons to argue with that. Private over water bungalows provide sublime relaxation. Mount Otemanu rises into the sky like spires of a castle, inviting you explore the fantastic panoramas above the glistening beaches. Now that’s a holiday..

The old thing has gone to Heaven.

The old thing has gone to Heaven.

The New Family Car.

So what’s this all about, the old Girl has clapped out and it’s time to up-grade without going into debit further how do we make the correct decision on what to do, Take out a second mortgage on the house to keep the interest down or borrow from the family, finance company at unbelievable rates or sell some of the auxiliary items around the house, usually its off to the dealership to go through the in-house finance company, and the 7 year cycle begins again.

first home.jpg

First Home.

Tired of paying the landlord, Rental payment that could be paying of the mortgage instead, Yeah life is tough trying to save up a deposit and also try to maintain some sort of social life, imagine moving into the first house, If you already have a mortgage and find it a struggle to pay off, always thinking of interest rates going up and job security shrinking every year. There is hope though.